10 Reasons to Consider Moving to Astoria, Queens

Manhattan is pushing more people out of the island with its high costs and small spaces. Now, areas and Brooklyn and Queens are becoming more bustling. One of the best alternatives to Manhattan is Astoria, Queens. Parallel to the Upper East Side, this Queens neighborhood has robust diversity, spacious apartments, and worthy activities.

Here are top ten reasons to consider moving to Astoria!


  1. Commute: If you work in Midtown, expect only a 20 minute commute. While getting downtown can take 45 minutes, it’s still a considerable shorter commute compared to other Manhattan alternatives. Better yet, these subway lines tend to be the most reliable.
  2. Restaurants: Astoria is known for its Greek populations, which has built an exciting restaurant scene. However, other cuisines like Thai, Korean, Indian and Italian has made the Astoria restaurant options plentiful and widespread. And as an added bonus, Astoria restaurants won’t charge as much as Manhattan ones!
  3. Room: You won’t be splitting a one bedroom apartment with three people in Astoria. Find plenty of no fee apartments or search from the luxury buildings now also available. Either way, you can get a lot more bang for your buck, as well as a view of Manhattan.
  4. Bars: Astoria has a fun nightlife, so you won’t have to travel to the island for some fun. Check out the Astoria beer gardens or other craft beer places (I love Sunswick 35/35 and Astoria Beer + Cheese). Happy hours and boozy brunches are never hard to find in Astoria!
  5. Activities: Looking for something to do in Astoria? There are plenty of cool attractions like the Museum of Moving Image and Botanical gardens!
  6. Airport closeness: If you need to travel for work or pleasure, the La Guardia airport is only a 15 minute drive. And if you need to get to JFK for more international flights, there’s easy public transportation options as well.
  7. Shopping: There’s tons of cool stores and national chains in Astoria to choose from. On Steinway Street, shop from stores like Victoria’s Secret, Modell’s, Bath and Body Works, as well as unique small businesses.
  8. Affordability: Not only are apartments more spacious and affordable, but so it just about everything else. Pay less for your groceries, manicures, barber trips, and more in Astoria.
  9. Safety: Astoria harvests a friendly environment, with many families and young professionals in the area. Astoria is not as crowded as Manhattan neighborhoods, but you can expect people to fill out the streets at late hours to make you feel safe.
  10. Parking: Park your car for free in Astoria. There are tons of street parking options, and some won’t even make you move your car. And if you’re having any car trouble, there are plenty of places for a tune up or fix.


Do you live in Astoria? Share your favorite things about the city in the comments section!

Victoria Granden

I enjoy blogging about real estate tips and tricks in my free time.