Where to Live in NYC, According to Age

NYC is a great place to live, but not everyone is blessed with an affordable room or a house in this city. Thus, it becomes extremely important to jot down a list of viable options for hiring/buying a place to live. Every locality has a ‘target group’ associated with it, which one must keep in mind while looking for accommodation. Below are some of the places which take these aspects into consideration.

For College/University Students- young people


1. Murray Hill
Perhaps the ‘coolest’ borough of Manhattan, Murray Hill, is unfortunately one of the least affordable places for any student to hire a house. Considering other positive aspects, you would see that a number of trains connecting to mid-town ensure hassle-free movement at any part of the day or night. Also, it is regarded as the city’s youngest neighborhood.
The place has a diverse real-estate market, which offers affordable, modern rooms embedded with all modern day facilities. Moreover, numerous pubs & bars mean that a student would definitely have a good time in Murray Hill.

2. Hell’s Kitchen
Hell’s Kitchen is connected to the midtown by twice as many trains as the former. As the name suggests, a wide variety of cuisines is something which every student would like, exceptions may always be there! Some renowned restaurants which deserve a visit include Danji, Taboon, Pure Thai Shophouse, etc. Additionally, amenities like Pools, Gyms, Tennis courts, Basketball courts etc. would be like the icing on the cake for any student. With rents at just a little higher than Murray Hill, this place is sure to burn a hole in your pocket.

3. Lower East Side
Lower East side is the name which should come to your mind when talking about mid-sized mid-priced rooms or houses. Located at about half an hour distance from the midtown, this place shares its own set of pros and cons. For students, a point worth noting is that it houses a huge 9 block section called the Hell Square, which is home to around 50 bars.
In addition to Hall Square, East side is a ‘refuge’ to many art galleries viz. New Museum, BOSI Contemporary, Pablo’s Birthday, etc. Thus, this place would be more apt for students who have some interest or passion towards different form of Art.

4. Yorkville
Though similar to East side, still a lot different. Yorkville would definitely fall into the list of one of the most affordable places. Every few days you will have the sight of a new restaurant or a food point opening up. However, only few trains commute to mid town from this place. Since the place is safe and affordable, convincing your parents for a room in Yorkville shouldn’t be a tough job.

5. Inwood (for both students and families)
Undoubtedly, the least expensive place to pick is Inwood. Since it is the least expensive, it would definitely lack amenities, pubs, bars, transportation etc. As they say, to gain something you have to lose something (completely valid in this case).
This is more of a family-centric area owing to its low rent. The most famous place here is the Inwood Hill Park which is the abode of many athletic fields, barbecue area etc.

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For Families

1. Forest Hills
Forest Hills is the perfect location for families looking to settle around mid-town. With so many schools in the locality, a family with young kids should consider this option.
A slight disadvantage of this place is its price. Though it couldn’t be categorized in the ‘budget homes’ category, it is still cheaper than much of Brooklyn & Manhattan.

2. Riverdale
One of the most affordable places for 3+ bedroom homes is Riverdale. This place is right next to the 1,145 acre Van Cortlandt Park which offers hiking trails, horseback riding, playgrounds, dog runs, etc. This area has as many as 30 schools and the crime rate is also too low thus promising a safe and sound environment. However, the number of local shops is limited in this locality which may become a problem sometimes.

3. Brooklyn Heights
Numerous co-op apartments in Brooklyn Heights make it a ‘heaven’ for those families who do not have the money for an entire house. The place also forms the ‘base’ for as many as 30 schools.
Famous for the Brooklyn Bridge Park and a plethora of subway lines, this locality should always be on your list if buying a house is not possible for you.

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