How to Buy a Christmas tree in NYC – With No Car!

Christmas is not Christmas without a Christmas tree to complete the decked halls and holiday cheer. As soon as the tree at the Rockefeller Center shines bright, it becomes acceptable to start decorating for the holidays (or before that if you’re really in the spirit). The tradition of purchasing and decorating a Christmas tree is executed all over the world, and New York City is no different.

As you may know, few inhabitants of New York City own cars, which can make the purchase and transport of a tree a bit hectic and challenging. However, all hope is not lost as there are several viable ways to purchase and get a Christmas tree to your residence. Here is how to buy a Christmas tree in NYC with no car:

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Buy a fake tree:

Now more than ever, Americans are resorting to plastic Christmas tree because of their convenience. Unlike naturally grown trees, artificial trees are easy to move around, and they are an economically sound decision, as they can be re-used for years to come.

Additionally, some plastic pines come with ingrained features such as inbuilt Christmas lights and collapsible functions that make them easy to store. Artificial Christmas trees are available in most retails stores such as Target and Lot Less. These artificial trees come packaged well, and are compact and light. Transporting them is as easy as getting them into a cab or subway with you. Alternatively, if you would prefer a less hectic option, just have the store of purchase deliver the tree at your doorstep.

Buy online:

When push comes to shove, simply buy your tree online. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, it is now a lot easier to purchase a Christmas tree online.

The trees available are either natural or artificial. When you select your online retailer, the process is as easy as choosing a size and type of the tree you would like alongside the date you would like to have it.

The Christmas tree will be packaged neatly in a manner that keeps the pines fresh, and you should have it in your house within a few days. Easy peasy!

Buy a tree from the local dealer:

During Christmas, if you walk around in your neighborhood, chances of you finding a tree from a local retailer are high. All you need to do is walk or ask around from your neighbors, and you will be directed to a dealer.

When you get there, select a tree, pop it in a shopping cart, and if you add extra goods such as ornaments and lights, the dealer will have no problem shipping or delivering the tree to you for free. If you locate a dealer who lives close to you, haul your tree home in a cart; just ensure that you return the cart later.

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