Family Friendly Neighborhoods in NYC

Are you thinking about moving to New York City with your family? Don’t you think it is a challenging task to choose the perfect neighborhood for your family? Neighborhood plays a vital role if you want to have a peaceful life with your family. In this article, we will discuss the most family friendly neighborhoods in the New York City. You should consider any of these places to enjoy a peaceful and happy life with your family.

Carroll Gardens (Brooklyn)

Carroll Gardens

This part of Brooklyn seems like a small town. It is a safe neighborhood with extremely low crime rates. There are tons of public and private schools that can provide quality education to your children. There are also a big number of restaurants and communities that will intrigue you. You will also see so many families with kids so you can also have a big social circle.


Queens 1

The residents of this place proudly say that it is a great place to raise kids. The neighborhoods may not be as posh as in Manhattan or Brooklyn, but that is the main charm and attraction of this place. The residents are happy people and live like family members. The apartments are affordable, schools are great, and there is a large number of parks and playgrounds that add to the beauty of this place.



It’s a lively, safe and diverse neighborhood with great Greek and Italian food and welcoming atmosphere in the northwest Queens. As more and more people keep moving to this special place, new cafes, restaurants, and shops keep opening all the time. There are 12 public and private schools and the cost of living is also very low as compared to other parts. There are parks, museum, hall, sports complex, and many other attractions. All you need is a friendly neighborhood and people of Astoria are the friendliest people you would ever meet.

The Bronx


The Bronx offers two different types of neighborhoods i.e. Riverdale and Country Club. Country Club is mostly an upper-middle-class neighborhood of the Bronx. This is a wonderful place for both children and aging people. You will get tons of picture perfect views in this place. The streets are lined with trees and this place has become a preferred choice for nature lovers. On the other hand, Riverdale is for people who are not into nightlife at all. It is a quiet place but it is affordable with friendly neighbors. Your neighbors can also help you raise your kids and they will also babysit for you. This shows how friendly people live in Riverdale.

These are 4 friendliest neighborhoods in the New York City. Choosing any of the above places can be a wise decision and you can live a respectable life within your budget. We hope you found this article helpful and informative. We look forward to helping you get a better life full of harmony.

Heather Schmidt

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