7 Ways To Avoid Craigslist Housing Scams

Avoid Craigslist Scams

What do you do for viewing free classifieds about housing, renting, and other property related stuff? Yes, craigslist is undoubtedly our reliable portico for peeking into the world of free classifieds. Well, the word ‘reliable’ in craigslist is now a remote thing. There are lots of marauders out there who are anti-social elements and have cast a web of well-planned systems to loot your money and shoo away.

So we warn you against such predators because there are many out there. Check out the following signs if something is found fishy and never trust any of the advertisements completely. The official website of Craigslist lists this as a very serious offense. Here are some it describes.

The scammers say that every transaction is overlooked by Craigslist, and they provide a desired amount of guarantee that they are a certified buyer or seller, but for your kind information, the claims that craigslist has a role in every transaction is absolutely untrue. Craigslist whatsoever has no role in any transactions as it is a party to party transaction. Thus, any mail of certifications or approval on behalf of craigslist is a fraud. So, keep in mind that there is no third party guarantee and whoever says this, they are lying.

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When any buyer likes your apartment, and it pays you a cashier’s check, which really looks genuine. It is more often than not a fake check. The amount in the check may be much more than your actual value of your sale item, thereby trying to lure you and this nothing but just ‘bait’. If you try to encash these fake checks, your bank has the right to take legal action against you. Whenever someone is demanding any kind of money in any form, wired transaction or through bank deposit, most of them are SCAMS. So, please take detailed information and never ever shell out your single penny if they sound even point one percent fishy.

Don't get scammed

The best way to avoid about 99% of Craigslist scams is to only deal with the local clients. If you can meet them personally, you can go ahead. But if the two parties are miles geographically apart and there is a remote possibility of meeting in person, the chance of being a scam really goes up high.

All the scammers tell you to pay them via wired transactions because it is the easiest way to loot and shoo away. Anyone who asks you to pay via Western Union, MoneyGram, etc. is most probably a con.

Never give any personal banking details to anyone even if they ask for. They can possibly exploit it in a corrupt way, and it can have catastrophic consequences for your financial account.

If you have not seen the house or apartment in person, do not rent or buy anything because it may actually not exist. These rents would be much attractive as they would offer more than the actual worth.

The scammers in the pretext of conducting a background confirmation record your important personal information and can be subjected to wrong use later. So never give any information if you have not met the other party in person.

Ron Leshnower, a writer about housing scams at About.com concludes, “Keeping your eyes and mind open, a little presence of mind and no blind trusting anyone, you can protect yourself from being a victim craigslist scam.”

Using the above suggestions to avoid craigslist scams and being a little self-conscious you can save yourselves from these sharp-minded scammers. Keep visiting us for more updates.

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