The Best NYC Moving Companies

NYC moving companies

In New York City, any business can be trendy… and that even goes for moving trucks. NYC moving companies have made the most stressful activity somewhat bearable with friendly, productive and organized employees. Whether moving to New York City or just within it, hiring professionals can ensure that your items get to their destination safely. Check out this list of NYC moving companies and see which one best fits your needs.

1 . Intense Movers

Intense Movers

Expect lots of color and “intensity” from this entertaining bunch. You can do a lot by email which is great for anyone who doesn’t have time on the phone to sort out quotes and provide inventory updates. All of their trucks are graffiti and your website pricing estimate is pretty similar to what you’ll actually pay. This cash-only business serving the Tri-State area.

2 . College Educated Movers

This mid-twenty crew has great communication and decent fare. Because they market themselves as responsible, professional men you won’t see the word professional but can expect good service. They will handle your stuff with care, earning great reviews on Yelp by serving movers in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

NYC moving companies3 . Rabbit Movers

Endorsed for big moves as well as small, Rabbit Movers has a ton of happy customers. Rabbit offers quotes but also flat-rate moves which will stop you from worrying to much about the cost.Rabbit has built a loyal following within the art community by hiring artists (that handle your pieces with great care). Rabbit can also dispose of any furniture that won’t be making it to your new home, but you can also look into selling options. 


Now to keep moves easy, you have to do some work too. Make sure your inventory is correct so you won’t be surprised with any hidden fees, or worse, unaccounted then misplaced items. It’s always wise to treat your movers with refreshments (Gatorades, snacks) to keep them extra happy and willing to work. With proper organization, your movers can spend less time prepping and more time packing. It may be best to wrap furniture in plastic yourself, to ensure it will be kept safe and clean.


Have any other moving services to recommend or moving tips to share?

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