Is Astoria Safe? A Look at Queens’ Shifting Neighborhood

Astoria has been paired with the term “up and coming” for some time. As more businesses and younger demographics opt for the neighborhood it’s becoming an increasingly bustling neighborhood. But what does that mean in terms of the safety? 

Here are a few statistics and tips to determine if Astoria is safe:


Crime Rates

The following statistics are provided by the New York Police Department from a May 2017 report. As a comparison, we’ve included Williamsburg, Brooklyn; East Village, Manhattan; and Bushwick, Brooklyn. Keep in mind that these are crimes that are reported to the police and that these neighborhoods vary in population. 


Murder: In 2016, there were 0 murder complaints.

  • Bushwick: 2
  • Williamsburg: 0
  • East Village: 0


Rape: In 2016, there were 0 rape complaints.

  • Bushwick: 3
  • Williamsburg: 0
  • East Village: 1


Robbery: In 2016, 3 robberies have been reported.

  • Bushwick: 26
  • Williamsburg: 5
  • East Village: 2


Fel. Assault: In 2016, 4 felony assaults were reported.

  • Bushwick: 15
  • Williamsburg: 7
  • East Village: 2


Burglary: In 2016, 7 burglaries have been reported.

  • Bushwick: 21
  • Williamsburg: 1
  • East Village: 1


Grand Larceny: In 2016, 12 general larcenies (theft of personal property) were reported.

  • Bushwick: 41
  • Williamsburg: 10
  • East Village: 14


G.LA: In 2016, 8 grand larceny auto complaints were reported 

  • Bushwick: 6
  • Williamsburg: 4
  • East Village: 0


In Summary: Is Astoria Safe?

Yes! Astoria is becoming an increasingly safer place to live and is generally a great neighborhood to live in. If you still have hesitations, try finding an apartment near subway stops (For the M or R: 36 St, Steinway St, and 46 St; for the N or W: Broadway or 30 Av) for added activity and more 24 hour businesses.


Important Reminders

When choosing a new apartment in any neighborhood, here are some things to consider to improve your safety. After all, there are good and bad people everywhere. You can also visit the NYPD Crime Prevention webpage for additional advice. 

  • Choose a brightly lit street, preferably with 24-hour shops and nearby subways to keep foot traffic prevalent.
  • Consider the safety of your building features. Do you see any security cameras? What are your doors made out of? How do visitors buzz in –  is there a voice or video system?
  • Befriend local shops and neighbors so people will keep an eye on you and notice if anything seems out of the ordinary.
  • Use common sense. Avoid being alone late at night and always be alert when walking around.


Jason Nichols

Walking, talking and apartment shopping like a New Yorker.