NYC Winter Real Estate Maintenance Tips

This winter has been particularly harsh on most of the US, and New York City has been no exception like most winters. Without proper care, your property may suffer some damaging side-effects that will affect its overall value. Take the necessary steps whenever you can to prevent that, either now or when the next winter […]

Closing Tips for New York Real Estate

If you are one of those lucky souls who happened to find their dream home, then you are in for a few things you must do before you’re done. Signing a contract and approving your mortgage is merely the main portion of the job, so you must pay attention to closing part of your purchasing […]

Buying a property vs Renting a property

If you are deciding whether you are to rent on a property or to really purchase it, you should come to think of some important factors first. The things you want in the property or the amount you have in your bank account are just some of these factors. With years of experience in this […]

New York Landlord Starting Tips

There are great opportunities to be had in the real estate rental business, however working as a landlord requires you to be prepared for a number of scenarios you may not expect. For the most part you will need to know a lot of things beforehand, which brings us to the first of our tips […]

NYC Real Estate Investment Tips

Even though the real estate industry has suffered somewhat from the unstable financial conditions around the world during the last few years, New York State is still one of the most desired destinations around the US and the world. For many of the people who managed to protect their money during the drop in economical […]

New York Home-Buying Tips and Guidelines

Although properties in New York City can be pretty expensive, there are still ways for a decent amount of people to invest in them and to have their own home. In many cases homes the prices on the market can be devastating, up to and more than $500,000 at times. The more time passes, the […]

Four Things to do Before Buying a Home

There are multiple sources available about what not to do when buying a home, but few that help you understand what you should do six months to one year before making one of the largest purchases of your life. Just like studying for major exams, it’s important to study the thing you should to before […]

Top Five Real Estate Tips For Home Buyers

Tips for Home-Buyers

There is no doubt the recession has changed the way people buy homes. Banks have tightened their lending and consumers have tightened their belts in almost every aspect of how they live. The goal of home ownership still seems to be a huge part of the American Dream. In July, a survey by the National […]

Importance of Home Improvements before Selling Your Home

mportance of Home Improvements before Selling Your Home

There is no denying that home improvement projects can be rather costly. However, the benefits outweigh the cost, especially if you are planning to sell your home. If you are a property owner, it is always good to think of refurbishing or upgrading your home before you sell it. Even though you will have to […]

Flipping a Property With an FHA Loan


While the current housing market may be for home sellers, it is also one suitable for property investors. In fact, investors have been a significant factor in helping to push forward the current housing recovery. Since many property investors in the New York City area and the surrounding suburbs purchase affordable single family to four-unit […]

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