Gentrification in NYC Neighborhoods – The Current Situation

A lot of changes have been recorded in the neighborhood of the NYC city with the arrivals of wealthier people and raising the living standards of a particular area. Although gentrification is the sign of economic growth but it does have some adverse effects on the ones belonging to the lower class. The positive effect […]

The 9 Best Indoor Activities In NYC

Climate change seems to have rendered this winter merely chilly instead of unbearable, but even the mildest of winters warrants a certain amount of indoor activity. And sure, you could sit atop your radiator reading 1984 until the sun returns. Or, you could remove yourself from your over-or-underheated home and seek refuge at one of […]

Six Hot Bakeries to Try in New York City

The bakery boom continues in the beautiful New York City. The bakeries in New York City of today are not like of the past. They have much more to offer than just a French-style patisseries. Imagine the taste of a chestnut mousse cake, yummy tarts, and cakes with rainbow sprinkles that are available in the […]

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