For Landlords: 5 Rental Property Tax Deductions in NYC

rental property tax deductions

Thousands of landlords in New York City pay more taxes than they have to – simply by failing to know the real estate tax deductions. If you think you’re one of them, we want to make sure that you’re getting a maximum return on your real-estate investment; therefore, we have compiled a thorough list of rental […]

The Best NYC Moving Companies

NYC moving companies

In New York City, any business can be trendy… and that even goes for moving trucks. NYC moving companies have made the most stressful activity somewhat bearable with friendly, productive and organized employees. Whether moving to New York City or just within it, hiring professionals can ensure that your items get to their destination safely. […]

Buying Used Furniture in NYC

When moving to New York City, there’s a lot to budget. Typically people pay a broker’s fee (unless you’re strategic or lucky), a security deposit, and first month’s rent upfront. And before the bills start piling up, there are other first week essentials- like furniture. If you’re considering buying used furniture in NYC, your options aren’t […]

Celebrities That Live in NYC

Do you want to know where New York’s famous athletes, actors, singers, artists, musicians and celebrities are living in NYC? There are hundreds of celebrities who have made New York their permanent residence. From the Big Apple’s most famous movie stars to professional footballers, you will find them littered throughout the New York Metropolitan area. […]

How to Find an Architect: Basic things to Consider

Basic things to consider to find an architect

Whether you are building a new home, tweaking the design of your living home or planning a commercial space, involving a professional architect is not only going to be a necessity, but it is the only way to be assured of success. So, how do you find the most talented architects for your project? Are […]

New York’s Stuyvesant Town May Be Auctioned

New York’s home for affordable Stuyvesant Town maybe auctioned

Peter Cooper Village/ Stuyvesant Town is a complex comprising of 11,231 apartments built in 110 brick buildings on an expansive 80 acre land. The town is sandwiched between 14th and 23rd Streets. And, according to, it is the biggest and most inimitable suburban community in Manhattan, New York City. For decades now, Peter Cooper […]

Tribeca Tower 56 Leonard Designed by Herzog & DE Meuron

Tribeca Tower 56 Leonard Designed by Herzog & De Meuron

Herzog & De Meuron has created a fashionable tower in Tribeca, New York. The building is called 56 Leonard and is a vertical glass expression of carved exteriors, sparkling glass and cantilevers. The building also encompasses 145 spatially creative and innovative homes that are placed upon one another to create a marvelously tumbling 60-storey. This […]

New York’s Luxury Condominium Market Experiencing a Boom

Prices in many property markets in the US are going up, but it’s the New York’s Condo market that seems to be in the frontline. In short, New York’s luxury condo market is on the rise. Indeed, there have been cases where buyers, in order to be the winning bidders, have had to shell out […]

On-Demand Deliver Start-up Postmates Launched its 5th Market in Chicago

On-Demand Deliver Start-up

Following launches in Seattle, San Francisco, Washington, DC and New York, the delivery start-up Postmates—started in 2012–has arrived in Chicago in a grand way with a large variety of couriers on board and places to choose from. The company will have about 500 merchants listed in its app and 100 staff to make the deliveries. […]

Building tomorrow: NYC will Radically be Transformed

Building tomorrow NYC

It is estimated by The World Health Organization that about 60% of the population will live in a city by the year 2030. The numbers will even rise to 70% by the year 2050. Bearing this in mind, Future and Terreform – the not-for-profit organizations for charitable ecological, urban and architectural design- in conjunction […]

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