10 Reasons to Consider Moving to Astoria, Queens

Manhattan is pushing more people out of the island with its high costs and small spaces. Now, areas and Brooklyn and Queens are becoming more bustling. One of the best alternatives to Manhattan is Astoria, Queens. Parallel to the Upper East Side, this Queens neighborhood has robust diversity, spacious apartments, and worthy activities. Here are […]

NYC Apartment Search Requirements People Forget!

So you have my have your heart set on Manhattan, Queens or Brooklyn. And you’ve even picked your favorite neighborhood. But what else should go into your NYC apartment search? Well, just like any apartment hunt, you need to think of the long-term. While NYC encourages you only to consider space (and usually not a […]

The Best Dog for Your NYC Apartment

Are you a big fan of dogs? If yes, perhaps you can’t live a life without them. On the other hand, what if you need to move to a New York City apartment for school or work? Knowing the best dog breeds for apartments is important before you get a dog for your apartment. Living […]

Best Coworking Spaces NYC for Startups and Freelancers

NYC coworking spaces- WeWork

So, you have quit your current soul-sucking job and are thinking of entering the difficult and complicated environment of start-ups. You probably are now prepared, have already laid out the ideas and even found few partners for the work. But somehow, you need some place to spend time for your operation. Working at the comfort […]

Former Reebok CEO Wants to bring $4.6 Billion Casino to New Jersey

Former Reebok CEO plans to bring $4.6 Billion Casino to New Jersey

Ex-Rebook boss Paul Fireman, who is currently based in Boston, has been in talks with New Jersey politicians and lawmakers over the possibility of bringing a $4.6 billion casino project to the city. However, it remains to be seen whether such proposal will be approved considering the fact that the current laws do not allow […]

“Don’t Blame the Historic Districts for Shortage of Affordable Housing,” Says the Historic District Council

Shortage of Affordable Housing

Those who have been blaming the historic districts for the current housing crisis have been told to blame something else. For families facing long odds in finding an affordable apartment to live in, the real estate trade association has accused the City’s 110 historic boroughs for the current mess. But the Historic District Council has […]

Propellr Launches real estate crowdfunding game

Are you an investor who is looking for projects to fund? Crowdfunding is one option you would want to consider because its popularity continues to increase with each passing day. In case you don’t know, crowdfunding is when a group of investors decides to pull their money in order to finance a project. The project […]

Hilton Mulling over selling New York’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel

The Waldorf Astoria New York

Hilton Worldwide Holdings will make a decision in the coming days whether to sell a stake in the Waldorf Astoria hotel, in New York with the possibility of disposing of the entire property. According to the company’s CEO Christopher Nassetta, the company has not decided when this will be done and who will be the […]

LowLine Kickstarter: An Underground Park on NYC’s Lower East Side

Delancy Underground, or the The Lowline, was a 2012 Kickstarter brought forward for the brain child of Dan Barasch and James Ramsey in New York City. The concept is simple – build an underground park for the community! The Kickstarter was started to help transform an abandoned New York City trolley terminal into a vibrant […]

Broker Fee: Is It Worth Paying?

Broker Fee

Where do you place yourself with interaction on brokers? While we have heard some horror stories, some brokers are helpful too. Here are some tips that may help you to find a perfect broker. Apartment Therapy describes some ways as to deal with your broker. Let’s have a look at them: Hire a broker who is […]

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