A Furturistic Experience at One World Observatory

The One World Observatory at the One World Trade Center opened at the end of May, and it’s a breathtaking experience for tourists and yes, even seasoned New Yorkers. After the tragedy of 9/11, experiencing the views and impressive new building is in many ways cathartic. Jonathan Weinberg told NY Daily News that for him, the […]

A New Building Trend: Luxury Tunnels?!

Tunnels can be feel claustrophobic, dim, and even a little creepy  (how many scary-movies have employed tunnels and underground passageways to evil lairs?). But, with the right builder/designer on hand, tunnels are becoming a home buyers’ commodity for the charm and uniqueness they can add to a house. This is one of our favorite building […]

Luxury Retreats: AirBnB, But for Private Villas

  Joe Poulin, Founder and CEO of Luxury Retreats Luxury Retreats the vacation service that is basically the AirBnb of lavish villas and sprawling beach-front properties. The service has become popular with well-heeled clientele, and from the looks of the $16 million raised as of June, popular with investors as well. The true draw of […]

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