The Best Dog for Your NYC Apartment

Are you a big fan of dogs? If yes, perhaps you can’t live a life without them. On the other hand, what if you need to move to a New York City apartment for school or work? Knowing the best dog breeds for apartments is important before you get a dog for your apartment.

Living in New York City can mean very minimal space but if you have the best dog for your NYC apartment, it is still possible to a man’s best friend with you. In this article, you can able to gain the right dog breed for apartment:

boston-terrier_mediumBoston Terrier
Known as “The American Gentleman” is not just popular for its black and white coating but they are also the most polite breed of dog. They are quiet most of the times, which means they will not annoy any neighboring room. They are also small and will just require small amount of time to exercise. This dog for apartment will just require a small time for brisk walk at the part. They will surely love you if you will provide the best care and affection for them.


English_Bulldog_about_to_sleepEnglish Bulldog

Another excellent dog breeds for apartments are English Bulldogs. These breed of dogs are considered as the apartment superstars. They aren’t just lovable and loyal pet but one thing that makes them a perfect choice if you are looking for an apartment dog but also they are very lazy. Most of the time they will just prefer to lie down at their favorite corner. They also does not require too much time to groom or exercise, so you will not see them running and barking arount the apartment. All you have to do is to show your love and affection to your apartment dog.


url-1French Bulldog

If you are torn between English Bulldog and Boston Terrier the there’s only one option and they are French Bulldog. This is because this breed of dog has every trait of both dogs such as loyal, happy-go-lucky, patient and quiet. Their size does not require too much amount of activity as they are very lazy. They will just take a nap if you are away but they also tend to be playful at some time.




Even if Hollywood celebrities has made a reputation that Chihuahua is an expensive breed of dogs but they are not and they just require low maintenance and they have a very friendly attitude. This makes them a nice companion in New York City apartment.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


These sweet little dogs are just about 3 lbs at birth and can get as “big” as 12 to 15 lbs. The breed can be calm and cuddly, without looking too much like a purse dog. Even just stopping by during your lunch break or hiring a dog walker to just play with your dog for a half hour before you get home can be enough. Then let the cuddles and games begin.


The above mentioned breeds of dogs are practical and cute if you have an apartment in New York. Aside from the fact that they are a good companion they are also requires less budget when it comes to maintenance. As long as you can give them the right love, care, food and shelter you’re on your way to being a happy pet owner. Best of all, they will also give you their love and care as well.

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