Best Places to take Photos in NYC

With too many photos of the Empire State Building and Times Square, it is possible to think that there are no other places worth taking a photograph in New York. However, whether you are alone or traveling with a companion such as a friend, spouse or family, there are spectacular spots in NYC where a photograph taken there is bound to make you jaw drop or whistle in appreciation. To preserve memories of the majestic city, here are the best places to take photos in NYC.

Central Parkthe-bow-bridge-jessica-jenney
The features and amazing scenery in the park make it a great spot to snap memories. The great lawn which bustles with people enjoying picnics or taking strolls with their loved one is one of the places in the park where a photo speaks volume about the beauty of the park. Other spots in Central Park include:

  • Bethesda Fountain and Terrace
  • The mall and Literary walk under canopies of impressive trees.
  • Bow bridge, a graceful classic bridge completed in 1862.
  • Strawberry Fields and the peaceful John Lennon Imagine tile mosaic.
  • The pond near Central Park zoo in the southeast corner.

This stands for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.” It makes for a great spot to take a photo that will capture the bridge framing the Empire State Building.


Rockefeller Center

The imposing structure has some awesome spots where you can take great shots. One such spot is the Statue of Atlas located in the front of the Center. Others include the ice rink, the fountains near the entrance, the Today Show studio as well as the statue of Prometheus.

Grand Central Station
While it is normally crowded serving thousands of travelers streaming into and out of the city, the station has a special kind of charm to it and its central area with a high ceiling with constellations makes for a great angle.

The Statue of Liberty
Majestic and rising from the island in a beckoning manner, the structure is one of the most photographed in NYC. It was a gift from France in 1866 and therefore has a rich history behind it.

Times Square201212-w-most-visited-tourist-attractions-times-square
It would be a great pity to take cool shots of NYC without including Times Square in your album. An iconic structure that attracts huge crowds and can be quite a hassle to navigate through the masses, it is nevertheless a great spot to capture the action-packed bustle that makes NYC what it is.

Empire State Building
Yet another iconic structure that is part of NYC’s most recognizable building, its top presents panoramic views of the city building also showing other skyscrapers that make up the Manhattan skyline. Taking photos both at the top and at street level offers different dynamics of the impressive building.

wiggijo / Pixabay

wiggijo / Pixabay


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