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The residential real estate landscape is full of different players. There are over 2 million licensed real estate agents in the US. All of them might have licenses, but having a permit is not a measure of how good a realtor is. You need to dig deep and hard before you get a rock star real estate agent who will hunt down your dream house on time, and within your budget.
To make it easier for you to sift through the crowd and find the right agent, here’s a list of qualities you should look out for when dealing with a realtor. These are absolute qualities you shouldn’t compromise on because a realtor is similar to a movie director.

Like a film director, a realtor coordinates different people in the real estate landscape to make sure you get your dream home. The realtor must be a salesperson, a negotiator, an investment advisor, consultant and a buyer’s advocate. Here are qualities that a realtor must possess to succeed in all of those roles.

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1. Problem Solver

Have you ever had an issue that required a bit of creativity to solve? Maybe it called for you to think outside the box. Successful realtors are faced with countless challenges and obstacles in their career.

A realtor has to position everything in a house for a showcase in such a way as to persuade his intended clients. He or she must also maintain an updated list of properties on sale, even if the properties haven’t been publicly declared as being on sale. That’s how successful realtors find gems in the market while others seem to miss a bargain even when it slaps them squarely on the face.

2. Self-drive

Being ambitious as well as a burning desire to be the best is another quality linked to successful Realtors. The successful ones are not satisfied with anything average. They go out of their way to find what they want. While doing that, they also get you what you want. Be on the lookout for this quality.


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, honesty in the real estate cannot be stressed enough. A professional reputation is a big pointer as to the capabilities of an agent, and one way to gain such a reputation is by becoming a member of the National Association of Relators

Always ask an agent if he is a member of the association before doing business with him or her.

4. Tenacity

Being a performer in real estate calls for gumption. For a realtor to gain the respect of his peers and customers alike, he must put in the leg work to pursue every lead. He must approach the market aggressively to get what the client wants, and at the same time be tenacious while working smart.

These four qualities will set you on the right path towards finding the perfect realtor.

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