The Cheapest Way to Get Around NYC

Once you have already arrived in New York City, particularly in Manhattan, one of the important things that you should consider would be transportation. To avoid renting a car or always finding parking for your own card, consider traveling like a real New Yorkers. So if you are planning on visiting New York City, or want to know how to get around here once you’ve moved, consider the the cheapest way to get around NYC:


1. Walking

The city is considered as the greatest walking city in the world. All of the five boroughs could be explored on foot but Manhattan is considered as easiest as well as most popular particularly for pedestrians. Walking is considered as perfect option for those that are aiming to see all the details that the place could offer such as the people, architecture, street life and businesses. There are numerous benefits- it’s free, healthy and exploratory- so its a worthwhile option. However, always be city-smart. If you are unfamiliar with the terrority, avoid walking late at night or opt for a cab, Uber or subway if you feel unsafe.

2. Walking Tours

There are as well numbers of many walking tours that are available for tourists in New York. There are walking tours that are focusing on history, architecture, food, music, neighborhood, TV shows and films, Broadway and some other themes. Perhaps you can find a great deal on Groupon or even some free options (but don’t forget to tip).

3. Subway

cheapest transportation nycAside from walking, this is considered as the most economical way of travelling and also the fastest. It’s just $2.75 per ride, and can get you to your Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Bronx destinations. If you are aiming to get the real sense of New York subway is considered as the best way and so millions of people are using it almost every day. Subways are safest during the day, while New Yorkers will take it at all times of night. Use apps like HopStop to help you get around.

4. Bus

Bus system could also be considered as another cheap ways on how to get around the city. Buses, the same with taxis, are subject to traffic jams but also make frequent stops. However if you need a cheap option, and want to avoid stairs or walking, a bus ride could be perfect.

5. Uber or Lyft

The city’s most popular Taxi alternatives. Drivers pick you up in their own cards and take you to your destination through their respecitive apps. If you’re new to Uber or Lyft, you can often download a free ride or $10 off your ride. Also, short Manhattan trips often have a small, set price. In groups of four, this could be even cheaper than taking the subway.

6. Taxi

This is considered as one of the best ways in order to get around the city particularly if you are having a group and can split the cost later. The city is known for traffic, so maybe consider checking Google Maps first to determine if a car can get you to your destination in time. And when there’s a surge charge on Uber, meaning they inflate the price because more people are using Uber, a taxi could be cheaper. Otherwise, taxis are generally more expensive but only by a little bit.

7. Car and Limousine Service

If you want to travel around the city of New York then pay for a car service or for a limousine service. This will provide you with the assurance of traveling any venue in the city door to door. A lavish, but expensive method.


Those are among the options that you could consider if you are going to get around the city of New York. Choosing which one best suits you and your budget as well should be the basis of your option.

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