Commuting/modal split transportation in New York City

Commuting split transportation in New York City

The transportation system in New York is somewhat complicated. NYC is the most populous city in the United States and comprises of a transportation system that includes one of the largest subways in the world, including the second subway that is slated to be complete by 2029.

NYC being one of the largest subways in the world

Essentially, the city’s bus and rail systems are run by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority New York City. Although expensive, it is environment friendly and operates 24/7. According to New York City website, the system is accessible to passengers with hearing, visual and mobility disabilities. It is arguably one of the most complete transport systems in the world.

The city’s transport system usage is split in the following manner: 41% of commuters use the subway, 12% travel by bus, 24% use private transport, 10% walk to work and only 2% travel by commuter train. 1% use tax, 5% use carpool and 0.6% ride their bikes to work. There are also a small number of people (about 0.2%) that travel by ferry.

MTA as the most complete transport systems in the world

It is worth noting that 54% of New Yorkers do not own a car and have to rely on public transport for their travel needs. Mass transport in the New York City has helped in easing the pressure to own a car. Moreover, the City’s subway has historically been a popular meeting place where politicians talk to voters during elections and also a major venue for artists, including musicians. For instance, there are more than 100 musicians giving live performances at 25 locations throughout the subway system, and this is permitted by the New York City transit.

The city’s subway system has also offered employment to more than 3.7 million New Yorkers with Manhattan being the main employment center (56%) because it is the place where the largest number of commuters comes from.

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