Crazy NYC Building Conversions

Former firehouses, carriage homes, hotels, hospitals, factories – nothing’s off limits. More about the craziest building conversions in New York City further on in this article.

The Christ Church Cobble Hill Linden

58 Strong Place, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

The Christ Church Cobble Hill Linden is enjoying a second life as a luxury apartment building in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Cobble Hill. The church is designed by Minard Lafever.

In 2006, developers and architects sought to transform the building into a condo development. During a long renovation process, the developers carved out 24 units while maintaining the mahogany windows, original brass chandeliers and the church’s wooden carved altarpiece.

It’s not cheap to live here — a three-bedroom condo unit entered contract this summer priced at $2.8 million.

The firehouse

70 Barrow Street, West Village

New York City constructed a lot of firehouses in the mid to late 19th century. During the past decades, many firehouses were closed. Also many buildings have found second lives as residences.

The firehouse at 70 Barrow Street is built in 1851, it didn’t last long as a firehouse, in 1865 it was already closed. Nowadays the firehouse is a rental building. Even the building’s spiral staircase, from the firehouse days, is visible in the building.

The hospital

130 West 12th Street, West Village

St. Vincent’s Hospital was founded in 1849, the third oldest hospital in New York City. The hospital closed its doors in 2010 after struggling with bankruptcy.


Condo units, priced from $1.415 million for a one bedroom to $12.85 million for a four-bedroom penthouse. The units have sleek finishes, high ceilings and large windows. It didn’t take long for the development to sell out.


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