7 Mega NYC Developments Will Transform City by 2035

New York City has a number of ambitious development and infrastructure projects underway. Manhattan’s most recent transportation upgrade came in the form of the glistening, $4.5 billion Second Avenue subway line, which opened on January 1. On the other side of the island, Hudson Yards — the most expensive real estate development in American history — is under construction. And […]

Gentrification in NYC Neighborhoods – The Current Situation

A lot of changes have been recorded in the neighborhood of the NYC city with the arrivals of wealthier people and raising the living standards of a particular area. Although gentrification is the sign of economic growth but it does have some adverse effects on the ones belonging to the lower class. The positive effect […]

New York City, Meet Silverback Development

Silverback Development will change the skyline of Manhattan, transforming properties into profitable assets. The new real estate developer is built from an experienced team, led by Managing Principal Josh Schuster, and is currently working on 2 million SF of deals nationwide.    Schuster has a proven history of introducing high profile projects to the market. His involvement […]

How Was the Lincoln Tunnel Built?

how was the lincoln tunnel built

If you’re a true New Yorker, you’ve certainly been through the Lincoln Tunnel a time or two. If your a recent New York visitor or tourist, you’ve certainly heard of the infamous roadway phenomenon that is the Lincoln Tunnel. However, have you ever wondered, “how was the Lincoln Tunnel built?” Well, like most American landmarks, […]

3 Neighborhoods On the Rise in New York City

neighborhoods on the rise nyc

New York City is known to be the most populated city in the United States of America. It is also often known to be the capital of culture and economics in the entire world. The neighborhoods in New York City are known to be prestigious, elegant, and luxurious. You may notice that the neighboring people […]

A New Building Trend: Luxury Tunnels?!

Tunnels can be feel claustrophobic, dim, and even a little creepy  (how many scary-movies have employed tunnels and underground passageways to evil lairs?). But, with the right builder/designer on hand, tunnels are becoming a home buyers’ commodity for the charm and uniqueness they can add to a house. This is one of our favorite building […]

When is the Second Ave Subway Line being completed?

Second Avenue Subway is a speedy passage subway which has restored hopes to a thousands

The Second Avenue Subway  is a speedy passage subway line that has generated a lot of questions concerning its completion date. It forms a part of the New York City subway system. The project is a long outstanding venture that started in 1929, but which has been occasioned by several starts and interruptions for several reasons […]

Gramercy Park can now be seen on Google Maps.

Gramercy Park, elusive, mysterious and unseen by most. Not anymore, for anyone with a computer, or smart device and an internet connection, it’s now an attainable thing,you don’t even need to leave home. You can thank an Airbnb user Shawn Christopher from Pittsburgh who went into the park and took 360 degree photos using Photo […]

The $95 million views from the Tallest Residential building in NYC

The new 432 Park Avenue is the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere. Standing at 1,396 feet tall, it’s one of the new apartment buildings becoming part of New York’s skyline. This building is 84 stories high making it the second tallest building in New York City, and the third tallest in the United […]

Trinity Church to build new luxury apartment towers

Trinity church manages 215 acres of the downtown area and it’s now looking to expand, with the land estimated worth being around $2 billion, the project is set to build new residential properties. Trinity Church is currently involved in the project of rezoning the Hudson Square, which is converting 5.5 million square feet of office […]

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