Environmentally Friendly Buildings NYC: Nike Fieldhouse Stores

Here at NY Real Estate Buzz, we are a huge supporter of environmentally friendly buildings in NYC. This week, we will be featuring Nike Fieldhouse Store in Flatiron.

nike fieldhouse stores flatiron leed

Certified in early 2014 for ID+C: Retail v2009, the sportswear giant achieved full points for;

  • Sustainable Sites
    • Development density and community connectivity
  • Energy & Atmosphere
    • Optimize energy performance – equipment and appliances
    • Measure and verification
  • Material & Resources
    • Construction waste management
    • Tenant space – long-term commitment
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
    • Thermal comfort – employee verification
    • Outdoor air delivery monitoring
    • Construction IAQ management plan – during construction
    • Low-emitting materials – adhesives and sealants
    • Low-emitting materials – paints and coatings
    • Low-emitting materials – ceiling and wall systems
    • Controllability of systems – lighting and thermal comfort
    • Thermal comfort – design
  • Innovation
    • Design
    • LEED Accredited Professional


Morgan Glick

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