How to Find an Architect: Basic things to Consider

Basic things to consider to find an architect

Whether you are building a new home, tweaking the design of your living home or planning a commercial space, involving a professional architect is not only going to be a necessity, but it is the only way to be assured of success. So, how do you find the most talented architects for your project?

Are they registered?

There is no way you are going to trust a non-registered architect to do your job, are you? So the first step is to ensure the architect you want to work with is registered with the National Council of Architectural Registration Board and is a member of the Association of Licensed Architects.

Ask around

Most of the professional architects can be found through a word of mouth. Ask those who have had their projects completed successfully in the past and let them give you referrals. It is better to work with the tested and proven than to experiment with unknown architects. Check their contacts with local planners and don’t forget to go through their completed projects, including the controversial ones. Find out what happened to the incomplete projects. How responsive were they to changes? How effective were they at working within budgets? In short, you should make as many background checks as possible.

Choose the architect that suits your project style

It is tempting to think that all architects can do the same work. Different architects specialize in different areas or may be good in some areas and not so good in others. Therefore, be diligent when choosing an architect that will suit your style.

How can you finding the right architect for your project

Architect fees

Compare fees quoted by various architects and choose the best offer, assuming they offer the same services. As a matter of fact, you should calculate the fees based on the complete development phase. A typical development phase comprises of feasibility study, designing, planning, and submission of building regulations, tendering and building.

If you stick to the basics, you can be assured of finding the right architect for your project.

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Rodney McKenna
Rodney McKenna

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