Finding a Real Estate Accountant in NYC

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For landlords and owners in New York City, navigating the complicated myriad of national, state and city tax codes can be time consuming, frustrating and even dangerous.  Some choose to go it alone, while some of you may have considered engaging a tax professional to ease the burden.  When it comes to choosing the right accountant, there are so many things to consider.  


For guidance in finding a real estate accountant in NYC, we’ve compiled a short list of what to look for in your CPA search.


First off, you should determine what type of professional you’re actually looking for: a bookkeeper, an accountant or a chartered professional accountant.  Book keepers and accountants are able to balance your business expenses.  Chartered professional accountants generally hold a master’s degree or equivalent postgraduate education, and have earned their Certified Public Accountants license. You can be sure that when dealing with a CPA, you’re getting the best service possible. Also, they’re not just limited to bookkeeping and filing; they can also provide investment and portfolio advice, crucial assistance for budding real estate investors. So, if you’re serious about getting into the game, we advise spending a bit more and going with a CPA. They will not only help you with tax prep, but the best will also serve as financial advisers.


Now for choosing the right type of CPA. Generally you should look for someone who’s dealt with or managed a small business before. These are the ones that know the system inside out and share your priorities. They’re likely to have the same entrepreneurial spirit and eye as you. Meet with them initially, get a feel for their style and passion. You’re looking for someone who you can share the most intimate details of your business with – it needs to be the right fit in both principles and personalities.


Finally, you should look for a CPA that has real estate experience. With the ever changing and complicated codes, they need to know what they’re doing. The last thing you want is them to be asking you questions! Ask them about their portfolio, who they’ve dealt with before. Check their website and look for reviews. Ideally, they will have real estate in the same state. If they claim to be experienced in real estate, you can likely trust them; it’s too risky for them to take on a client if they’re not confident.
We hope these tips help you to find a real estate CPA who’s right for you! Remember, just look for someone that feels right, at the end of the day this relationship is all about trust and understanding. Good luck!

Carl Richards

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