Finding an NYC Apartment in a Hurry

By G+ Author: Victoria Grenden.

Finding an apartment in New York City that fits your budget, doesn’t make you feel claustrophobic and is rodent free can be a very daunting task…especially when you have a short time to do it.

I recently had 2 weeks to find a new apartment. Being new to New York I didn’t know where to start – what areas should I avoid? Which areas were over priced? Which areas were hard or easy to get to on the subway? Which areas were quiet? Which were loud? Add to these questions the fact that I needed a furnished apartment and I was way in over my head.

Scouring Craigslist I found ads that included sentences such as “no windows”, “bring a ladder” and “4 ft high ceiling, so you can’t stand up” so you can imagine my trepidation when it came to the viewing stage of the hunting process. I encountered roommates who “get woken up by the click of the bathroom door, so try not to use the bathroom while I’m asleep”, roommates who didn’t allow any guests, including friends dropping by before going somewhere and rooms that prompted flashbacks to Ben Stiller’s infamous line in Zoolander “What is this? A center for ants?”. It was all starting to look too hard and I thought I’d never find somewhere halfway to decent.

However, in the end persistence and patience does pay off because I managed to find somewhere with windows, that I can stand up in, in a safe area that doesn’t require me to bring my own ladder. So stay strong fellow apartment hunters – and when you get down trodden check out The Worst Room, it will make you feel a little less alone in the search for a half decent apartment in NYC.

What is this? A Center for Ants?

Victoria Granden

I enjoy blogging about real estate tips and tricks in my free time.



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