Infographic: How to Prevent Bed Bugs

Living in New York City offers wonderful attractions, restaurants, entertainment and business. But it’s important to discuss the occasional downsides to city life: like bed bugs. The “hitch-hikers” find a way into apartments by traveling on clothes and used furniture, which could then turn into a full infestation. It can be an inconvenient, disturbing and expensive endeavor. Treating a two bed room apartment starts at around $500. So taking a proactive approach to learn about bed bugs and how to prevent bed bugs can save a lot of stress.


At night, the nocturnal bugs are attracted to your warm, sleeping breath emitting carbon dioxide. This has inspired some people to create DIY bed bug traps, but people can buy them as well. Other forms of traps, for early detection purposes, place bowl-like objects with talcum to catch traveling bed bugs and prevent them from climbing onto beds and couches.

Beds bugs have a brown, flat shape the size of an apple seed. They have horizontal lines on their backs and disproportionally small heads. They are wingless, but unlike fleas, bed bugs do not have longer back legs.

It is possible to catch a straggler and only have one bed bug in your home. However, it’s best to get the opinion of a professional to be sure. The below infographic shares tips from NYC pest control professionals. Broken into three categories, these measures can help prevent infestations in practical, safe measures.
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I was living in an apartment where I woke up at midnight because of scratching all over and then suddenly realized that the bed was infested with bedbugs.:( That was such a terrible moment. Bedbugs can be found anywhere and at anytime.Beware of "BEDBUGS"!! I am really gonna try the tips given over here. Thanks Jacqueline you saved me somehow :P

Gina Bickely
Gina Bickely

These bed bugs are really tenacious. I was getting pissed off finding them on my couch.. Just came across these Infographic tips and it worked actually!! Thanks a ton for pointing those small things which we ignore often :D


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