Best Places to Buy Affordable Furniture in NYC

If you live in a teeny-weeny New York City apartment, getting the right furniture to make it look spacious is definitely challenging. Fortunately, there is no shortage of affordable furniture stores around the city to help you spruce up that apartment without breaking the bank. Here’s a list of places with great bargains on high-class […]

The Best Dog for Your NYC Apartment

Are you a big fan of dogs? If yes, perhaps you can’t live a life without them. On the other hand, what if you need to move to a New York City apartment for school or work? Knowing the best dog breeds for apartments is important before you get a dog for your apartment. Living […]

Luxury Retreats: AirBnB, But for Private Villas

  Joe Poulin, Founder and CEO of Luxury Retreats Luxury Retreats the vacation service that is basically the AirBnb of lavish villas and sprawling beach-front properties. The service has become popular with well-heeled clientele, and from the looks of the $16 million raised as of June, popular with investors as well. The true draw of […] in NYC

When it comes to investing in real estate properties in NYC, investors look for help from beyond brokers. Also, moving to NYC can be a big financial adjustment for most. Getting finance help for apartment and home loans in NYC, Staffing firms, like, provide homeowners and shoppers with the best investment and financial advisors! Financial […]

Why is the US Middle Class Losing Loan Advantage?

Rise of the global middle class

According to an article in Bill Moyers, the US middle class has become the poorest among the developed countries. This is a sharp contrast to the 1950s’ situation where the country’s middle class were among the wealthiest in the world. A number of factors contributed to this, the greatest among them being the fact that […]

Propellr Launches real estate crowdfunding game

Are you an investor who is looking for projects to fund? Crowdfunding is one option you would want to consider because its popularity continues to increase with each passing day. In case you don’t know, crowdfunding is when a group of investors decides to pull their money in order to finance a project. The project […]

LowLine Kickstarter: An Underground Park on NYC’s Lower East Side

Delancy Underground, or the The Lowline, was a 2012 Kickstarter brought forward for the brain child of Dan Barasch and James Ramsey in New York City. The concept is simple – build an underground park for the community! The Kickstarter was started to help transform an abandoned New York City trolley terminal into a vibrant […]

New York Real Estate Tips for Foreign Investors

Foreign buyers within the city of New York often face a market they are not familiar with, which leads to the need to seek sufficient information and real estate investment consultations. This article aims to shed some light on the subject, so you can get ahead and closer to your goals. One of the first […]

7 Ways To Avoid Craigslist Housing Scams

Avoid Craigslist Scams

What do you do for viewing free classifieds about housing, renting, and other property related stuff? Yes, craigslist is undoubtedly our reliable portico for peeking into the world of free classifieds. Well, the word ‘reliable’ in craigslist is now a remote thing. There are lots of marauders out there who are anti-social elements and have […]

Buying a property vs Renting a property

If you are deciding whether you are to rent on a property or to really purchase it, you should come to think of some important factors first. The things you want in the property or the amount you have in your bank account are just some of these factors. With years of experience in this […]

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