Living in New Jersey and Commuting to NYC

living in New Jersey

A significant amount of Northern and Central New Jersey residents partake in a daily commute to New York City for work. While some people living in New Jersey enjoy their commute (to a certain extent), others dread their traveling experience because of the time and money that they waste each day.

However, from personal experience, I can honestly say that some New Jersey cities do in fact provide a relatively simple and efficient mode of transportation into the city. Cities such as Hoboken, Edgewater, Jersey City, and Weehawken are convenient locations for those who can manage a hefty price.

Take a look at just how close Hoboken, NJ is to the Big Apple


If their income allows for a comfortable living situation in any one of those cities, then individuals can appreciate a substantially straightforward and fast commute along with a radiant NYC skyline view.

Residents of Hoboken and Jersey City could hop on the PATH train for approximately 10-25 minutes depending on the origin/destination location. The frequency of the PATH train is a highly attractive asset, especially for those who constantly find themselves running after a bus or train in fear of a tardy attendance reputation at work.

Living in New Jersey

The brief train ride eliminates street traffic and is incredibly simple to understand. Taking a ferry is a great option for those who live in Edgewater and Weehawken, especially during the summer. A ferry ride is only about 15 minutes away for many Weehawken residents and just a little over 30 minutes for those in Edgewater.

living in new jersey

People who are searching for a more suburban and family friendly living space, certain locations in Bergen County should be an excellent option. Places such as Oradell, Glen Ridge, Leonia, Fair Lawn, and Ridgewood can fulfill an individual’s desire to live in a quiet neighborhood, while satisfying their urge to work in the city with a bus/train commute that is generally under 50 minutes.

Although traffic can cause severe delays, carpooling can also be very a effective method of transportation if individuals carefully select certain hours of the day to travel. Driving into the city would generally take under 45 minutes from all of the Hudson and Bergen county locations previously mentioned.

Although it might seem a little tedious to be living in New Jersey and commuting to NYC, it’s actually quite the opposite. There are many NJ cities that provide simple and affordable methods of transportation, along with some peace and quiet outside of the city that never sleeps!

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