The 8 Best NYC Neighborhoods for First-Time Buyers

Le t’s be honest: It’s hard out there for a first-time buyer. Unless you’re fortunate enough to be gifted with a down payment or a high-paying job, the current landscape of New York City real estate is frankly discouraging. See: high prices, packed open houses, bidding wars, and all-cash transactions. While no one said buying […]

The 9 Best Indoor Activities In NYC

Climate change seems to have rendered this winter merely chilly instead of unbearable, but even the mildest of winters warrants a certain amount of indoor activity. And sure, you could sit atop your radiator reading 1984 until the sun returns. Or, you could remove yourself from your over-or-underheated home and seek refuge at one of […]

Where to Live in NYC, According to Age

NYC is a great place to live, but not everyone is blessed with an affordable room or a house in this city. Thus, it becomes extremely important to jot down a list of viable options for hiring/buying a place to live. Every locality has a ‘target group’ associated with it, which one must keep in […]

Living in New Jersey and Commuting to NYC

living in New Jersey

A significant amount of Northern and Central New Jersey residents partake in a daily commute to New York City for work. While some people living in New Jersey enjoy their commute (to a certain extent), others dread their traveling experience because of the time and money that they waste each day. However, from personal experience, […]

Student Housing NYC, Most Impressive Options

Student housing NYC

Student housing in New York City is a mammoth, highly-competitive market. At any given time, approximately half a million students will reside in the City, attending classes or interning for the summer. To simplify the process of finding the perfect student housing in NYC, here is a list of the five most impressive student housing […]

NYC Apartment Search Requirements People Forget!

So you have my have your heart set on Manhattan, Queens or Brooklyn. And you’ve even picked your favorite neighborhood. But what else should go into your NYC apartment search? Well, just like any apartment hunt, you need to think of the long-term. While NYC encourages you only to consider space (and usually not a […]

The Best NYC Moving Companies

NYC moving companies

In New York City, any business can be trendy… and that even goes for moving trucks. NYC moving companies have made the most stressful activity somewhat bearable with friendly, productive and organized employees. Whether moving to New York City or just within it, hiring professionals can ensure that your items get to their destination safely. […]

Best NYC Neighborhoods for Young Professionals

For many recent college graduates and young professionals, moving to New York City to begin a career can be an exciting but stressful time. With entry-level salaries, student loans, and little knowledge about the area, recent grads may struggle with finding the perfect neighborhood for their interests and budget. However, many college grads have flocked […]

Finding a No Fee NYC Apartment

New York City apartments are already expensive, even before considering the broker’s fee. In rising neighborhoods, like Astoria, a typical fee is one month’s rent. But in Manhattan neighborhoods, fees can range from 12-15% of the year’s rent. Here are three ways to avoid paying a broker’s fee in your NYC apartment search.   1. Travel […]

Trustworthy, Easy to Use NYC Apartment Rental App

Everyone has advice when it comes to apartment hunting in New York City and the best NYC apartment rental app. But take it from someone new to apartment hunting that has recently been through the process- there’s an apartment out there for you, you just need the tools to find it. I was looking for a user-friendly website/app […]

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