A New Building Trend: Luxury Tunnels?!

Tunnels can be feel claustrophobic, dim, and even a little creepy  (how many scary-movies have employed tunnels and underground passageways to evil lairs?). But, with the right builder/designer on hand, tunnels are becoming a home buyers’ commodity for the charm and uniqueness they can add to a house. This is one of our favorite building trends from 2015!

The Wall St. Journal reports on an Alice and Wonderland themed tunnel that connects children’s rooms to a playroom, which creates a sense of a fantastical world away from boring adult banter.



Tunnels are also popping up as unique entrances to wine cellars — that certainly has a James Bond-esque feel.

Tunnels are even cropping up in the Hamptons, where homeowners are using them as a clever way to skirt zoning laws. A guest house, pool house, or separate staff quarters are usually considered separate structures from the main house, and many properties are not allowed to build beyond the primary structure. However, throw a tunnel between the main house and secondary building and voilà! They become “one structure in essence,” says Gary DePersia of the Corcoran Group.

Perhaps the addition of the tunnel is a trickle-down trend from the subterranean building craze from a few years ago. In 2012, The Guardian published a piece detailing the construction of a massive underground structure that was triple the size of the mansion that sat above ground. A garage, a car lift, a ballroom, pool, gym, staff quarters make the plans seem like the grown-up (and much more expensive) version of the Alice in Wonderland playroom tunnel.


Apparently, 800 applications were accepted between 2008-2012 for subterranean building from well-to-do neighborhoods in London. People are building down because there is no room to expand outwards or upwards. The addition of tunnels seems like a more accessible and much less time consuming way to add whimsy — and will certainly bring out the inner-child sense of adventure!