Notorious NYC Property Management: Apple G Real Estate

NY Real Estate Buzz wants to talk about that aspect of NYC Real Estate that just irks the crowd: Notorious NYC Property Management Companies! – you know what we are talking about. Those awful experiences with a real estate company during your grueling search for an apartment. Those experiences where all you want is a roof over your head, even if it was a cardboard box, to get away from that real estate agent.


Our Notorious NYC Property Management that we want to discuss is: Apple G Real Estate (Brooklyn, NY).

The company has mixed reviews on Yelp, but a obvious majority is very negative. Words like “scam”, “lie” and “illegal” are frequently read terms on their reviews. With no website or no real corporate logo…


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NY Real Estate Buzz has no personal experience with Apple G, but we try to avoid you having a bad time looking for a place in NYC! If you do have a personal experience, please let us know in a comment below.

By G+ Author: Victoria Granden.


I wish I saw your blog post earlier, two weeks ago I got sucked into Apple G Realty unknowingly...I found them through craigslist and had an idea that I would be dealing with a realtor but the name of the company was not disclosed to me on the CG post or when we met up in person. I texted this person right away and we set up an appointment for viewings hours after. I was shown 3 places, there were others waiting for him to show the apartments as well. So far seems legit, I agreed to a room and he took me back to the office where I gave them a deposit and filled out the forms and what not I have a copies of documentation. He told me I would be responsible for my own room. He did not tell them that I could only sign the lease if all the other rooms were filled in. 

For the next two weeks after he kept reassuring me through text, that I got approved and they are for sure going to be able to get me roommates to fill the other rooms. He was good about keeping up, but now that my move in date is drawing closer....more like 2 days, I have not had a response to my text or a pick up from my calls. Having seen the reviews on google and yelp I am becoming very worried see as I am from out-of-state trying to move to Brooklyn for a job by April 1st. I can only wait until I can call the main office later today or hoping he would respond and give me definitive answers.