Notorious NYC Property Management: Douglas Elliman Property Management

NY Real Estate Buzz wants to talk about that aspect of NYC Real Estate that just irks the crowd: Notorious NYC Property Management Companies! – you know what we are talking about. Those awful experiences with a real estate company during your grueling search for an apartment. Those experiences where all you want is a roof over your head, even if it was a cardboard box, to get away from that real estate agent.


Our Notorious NYC Property Management that we want to discuss is: Douglas Elliman Property Management


Here is what they have to say about themselves:


Douglas Elliman Property Management was founded in 1911 and is the most comprehensive residential real estate management firm based in New York City. With headquarters in Manhattan, and site offices throughout the metropolitan area, we offer expert management of cooperative, condominium and rental properties throughout the City, Long Island, Westchester County and Northern New Jersey.

For over 100 years Douglas Elliman Property Management has provided management services to New York’s most distinctive properties. Many of our City’s most recognizable properties are managed by Douglas Elliman Property Management primarily because of our ability to manage each building individually based on its unique needs.


Well, Yelp has some not so nice things to say about Douglas Elliman Property Management. With an average rating of 1.5 out of 5 stars. With a review like this, it isn’t a big surprise:

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