NYC Apartment Search Requirements People Forget!

So you have my have your heart set on Manhattan, Queens or Brooklyn. And you’ve even picked your favorite neighborhood. But what else should go into your NYC apartment search? Well, just like any apartment hunt, you need to think of the long-term. While NYC encourages you only to consider space (and usually not a lot of it) and no-fee apartment hunts, here are some other NYC apartment search requirements you should really consider.


  1. Proximity to a subway: When it comes to getting around NYC, the subway will be your safest bet. Without surge charges and traffic jams, the subway is often the most reliable way to get to work and around the city. Does your apartment have any nearby subway stops? Are any of them express? (Psst… I find the red line the best!)
  2. Grocery store options: Even some of New York City’s best neighborhoods will teach you how to compromise. When looking at apartments, don’t forget to check out the local grocery stores. While some may offer reasonable or familiar stores, other neighborhoods may only have smaller mom and pop shops. If you’re a big cook, consider what you need by your apartment. Walk through your options before you buy if cooking and shopping is a priority.
  3. Gym and workout availability: If your building doesn’t have a gym, you may want to look around to your next closest option. Look into what gym experience you want (Equinox, ClassPass or Blink?) and discover your workout options. With all of the amazing food in New York, you’ll eventually want to work it off.
  4. Pet friendliness: While pet owners will always remember to check, non-pet owners should consider this too. Look around your prospective apartments and see if you can hear any yippy dogs. That can become a major problem if you’re not prepared for it.
  5. Airport Nearness: Expecting to travel a lot? Imagine NYC gridlock when you’re trying to catch a flight. Whether a business consultant or a passionate traveler, consider your best options for an airport.

What else do people forget to consider when searching for NYC apartments? Comment below and share your advice!

Victoria Granden

I enjoy blogging about real estate tips and tricks in my free time.