NYC Winter Real Estate Maintenance Tips

This winter has been particularly harsh on most of the US, and New York City has been no exception like most winters. Without proper care, your property may suffer some damaging side-effects that will affect its overall value.


Take the necessary steps whenever you can to prevent that, either now or when the next winter comes your way:

Fine-Tuning the Heating System
Hire a technician to check out the heat pump or furnace so they can ensure the system works cleanly and efficiently. Such an inspection will also be able to measure for any possible carbon monoxide leaking and dangers. You should act as soon as possible if you want to get things done without any waiting. Look for contractors that happen to belong to the Air Conditioning Contractors of America as they will be certified and following the right maintenance protocols and safety requirements.

Reversing the Ceiling Fans
If you have a ceiling fan that has a reverse switch, then you must do what you can to reverse the flow in order to allow proper air circulation during the cold season. Reversing it will allow the creation of an updraft that allows you to push the hot air down into the room for a better result overall. This will be of great help in rooms that have high ceilings, as you will be able to save a good deal of money on energy with a small step like that.

Preventing Ice Dams
If you have noticed any icicles, ice dams or worse during the winter, then you may eventually deal with melt water that could eventually flow into your home. You need to do what you can to prevent that as soon as possible. An energy audit could help you identify and address the air leaks and insufficient insulation.

Check the Roof
This is another thing that has to be done on a regular basis if you want to have a safe time during the winter months. You should check for any damage, missing or loose shingles as well as ones that have been damaged. You can hire a professional roofer to repair them or to fix larger areas of the roof that need to be addressed. You should also check for any damage to the flashing of the chimneys, vents and other locations. If you have a flat roof covered with pebbles and asphalt, then you will need to remove and clean the needles and leaves left from surrounding trees. These can hold a lot of moisture, thus contributing to the issues you might deal with.

The gaps between the siding and the windows or your door frames might need extra work if they are widening. You should stick to silicone caulk for the exteriors, as its more resilient to the elements and their detrimental effects. You should also check the window-glazing putty, as it will also be needed as well as weather stripping for the doors of your home.
A Guest Post: via Linda Baker.

Linda Baker is a freelance freelance real estate broker and blogger. She has a professional background in buying and selling properties. She loves reading crime novels and travelling.