Recently Divorced? Top 5 Areas for New Divorcees in NY

Dealing with a divorce is never easy. The good news is that New York is the perfect place for the newly single to live, work and enjoy life. Whether you’re a city dweller or prefer to live away from the crowds, there’s a neighborhood out there that’s perfect for you. These five options are all excellent choices and will get you started on your search to find your dream home.

Centrally located on Long Island, Huntington is a great place for the newly divorced. There is a lot to do; Huntington is close to the beach and only a short (40 mile) hop away from Manhattan. Many singles are making Long Island their first “real” home because of the great nightlife and quality restaurants in the area. Huntington, in particular, is an attractive option because it boasts a vibrant downtown area and affordable housing.

Located on the upper East side, Yorkville has no shortage of bars and restaurants to visit. In addition, there are a number of food stores, supermarkets, movie theatres and more, all within reach. Because Yorkville is close to Central Park, it is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, and as an added bonus, the crime index is very low. Rent is generally affordable as well. The area is lacking a little culturally, although there is an auction house, antique stores and theatre groups in the immediate vicinity. For those looking to meet someone new, Normandy Court is the perfect place to go.

Port Jefferson
Port Jefferson strives to provide quality and affordable housing for singles. Not terribly far from Manhattan, this area is known for its amenities, including an ice rink and a golf course. Another benefit of residing in Port Jefferson is that it has one of the best transportation systems in Long Island. Located along a ferry route, the village also has a railroad terminus and several bus lines.


The area surrounding the Brooklyn Academy of Music is one of the hottest places for singles to live. Culturally diverse, the neighborhood boasts a number of entertainment options, including cool bars and unique restaurants. Most residents are in their 30s, and while there is not a lot in the way of greenery, there are playgrounds for young residents. Union Square is only about thirty minutes away, and there are a number of train lines going through the area. Best of all are the housing options; you won’t find anything else in New York City quite like what you can find in this area.

Fort Greene
Fort Greene is a haven for singles, with more than 80 percent of the neighborhood comprised of unattached individuals. The area is quite diverse, and Dekalb Avenue is a draw for people from all walks of life, consisting of stores, boutiques, restaurants, bars and more. Those that are more physically active will enjoy Fort Greene Park, with its tennis courts and great walking paths. Brooklyn is a short walk away, where you’ll find larger retail stores to shop at and enjoy. Homes can be pricey, averaging just over $500,000, but there are a number of less expensive options.


Finding yourself single again often means you need to find a new place to live. Luckily, New York has plenty of options. Use the information above as a guide to help you locate the area that is right for you and your new lifestyle.


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