RentHackr: Hacking a better way to find apartments!

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Most of the time, apartment hunting is like getting your teeth pulled – extremely unenjoyable. It’s tough finding the right location, price, and amenitites – not to mention dealing with brokers or landlords that are less than favorable at times. It’s completely hit and miss. Not everyone just goes to a real estate company and asks about what is on the market. Nowadays, people use apps from services like Zillow and Trulia. Don’t even get us started about Craigslist shopping.

There are times when you find a great place, but you keep wondering “Is there something better out there?” But what about what WILL be available? Is that Neighborhood a good place to live? What is the average rent like in this area?

Well, fear no more – RentHackr is here to help!

RentHackr is an NYC-made app, which helps people find just the right place.

RentHackr enables people to connect with the best apartments and rooms ahead of the market. We’re the one app where users can search months into the future, connect with current tenants, and see what renters wish they knew about their apartments.

RentHackr is helping renters make smarter decisions and find better apartments where they want to live. We all rent at some point in their lives, and more of us are renting than ever before. The process has to improve, and we’re the ones taking the lead to make that change a reality.

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Room search

Experience a cleaner, better way to find and connect with rooms ahead of the market in your city.



Connect with the best apartments before they hit the market.



Follow buildings to receive instant notifications and insider information you can’t get anywhere else.



See where your friends live and learn from their experiences.


Pro-icon Landlords & agents

Landlords, property managers, and real estate agents — you’ll be able to publish your listings on RentHackr soon, too.


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