Running Routes NYC

It is not hard at all to lead a healthy life in New York City, as it has several running routes that will allow you to enjoy outdoor exercising, while pleasing your sight with beautiful scenery. If you like jogging, don’t hesitate to try different routes, if you want, and enjoy some diversity in your training program. If you haven’t started jogging yet, perhaps it is time to do it, because it will prolong your life, maintain a great state of health, keep you fit, and will help you see the beautiful side of New York. Here are some gorgeous running routes available in this city.

running routes nyc

The Loop in Central Park

Central Park is known for its beauty, serving the people that like to exercise here with some extraordinary views. It doesn’t matter if you like to jog in the morning or in the evening, because the loop in Central Park will offer a beautiful environment at any moment of the day. Also, you may get motivated by the high number of runners that come here, seeing just how many people like to be healthy and fit.

The Res of Central Park

The “Res”, as locals will call it, officially known as the Central Park Reservoir, is another amazing place for exercising. Gorgeous sceneries are present here as well, together with a soft trail. It may not be as long as the one in the Loop, but doing several laps will allow you to work out decently, in a beautiful surrounding.

The Path near Hudson River

Hudson River can be a pleasant presence to inspire you when working out, also proving a cool breeze in the warm summer days. The path for running here is flat and uninterrupted, so you will be able to jog without any interference. The route starts from the Battery Park and goes all the way up to the top of Manhattan.

The Prospect Park

If you want a place for working out that is less crowded by tourists and visitors than Central Park, the Prospect Park is a better option. Located in Brooklyn, it holds a monument in the memory of the Civil War veterans, in the Grand Army Plaza. Besides this, you can also enjoy beautiful views, lush green landscapes, and plenty of terrain for jogging

The Bridges of Brooklyn and Manhattan

The Brooklyn Bridge is another way to diversify your daily training, offering an authentic urban view and increasing the difficulty of the training, as the path will go slightly up for a part of the bridge. You can opt to get on the bridge from Brooklyn or from Manhattan, the choice being yours. Still, the bridge is an objective for the swarm of tourists that periodically come to New York, so if you want to avoid it, try running on the bridge as early as possible in the morning.

The Loop of Lower Manhattan

Do you want to experience the essence of New York while exercising? The loop of lower Manhattan will help you do so, allowing you to enjoy some of the most iconic buildings and bridges in the city, providing a real urban picture typical to New York. And the best part is that there are not streetlights on the way, so you’ll enjoy a long and smooth run.

running routes nyc

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