A Sneek Peak Into The 9/11 Museum, Opening In May

There has been a lot of buzz going on about the opening of the 9/11 Museum. The museum, located at the base of the authentic World Trade Center towers, has gone through many opening delays due to financial issues, technical problems and even by a flood. But eventually, the museum will be opening mid-May this year.

Museum Design Study. WTC site recovery efforts. Courtesy Thinc Design with Local Projects

The museum will be a huge exhibition with pieces gathered from the unfortunate 9/11 tragedy. There are stair cases that people had used to get out of the WTC, pictures of people who passed away that day, testimonials and more. 12 Years after the tragedy, America is ready to expose the horror that happened that day and make it open towards public. There’s no other way, the estimated 2.5 million visitors each year, can get a more personal experience to 9/11 than through this museum. Many people who will visit the museum will be family members of people who passed away that day or who survived it and the 9/11 Vice President, Amy Weisser, knows this.

However, she says that;

“9/11 is an ongoing historical moment that we all live in, so we’re not trying to tell visitors what happened as much as remind them what happened.”

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The fact that there’s going to be an $24 entry fee for adults, has been an ongoing controversial topic so far. Middle-class and poorer people won’t be able to pay it, which leaves it only to the rich. Family members of victims have free admission and senior, schools and group will have a discount.


Emily Van Torre

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