Student Housing NYC, Most Impressive Options

Student housing NYC

Student housing in New York City is a mammoth, highly-competitive market. At any given time, approximately half a million students will reside in the City, attending classes or interning for the summer. To simplify the process of finding the perfect student housing in NYC, here is a list of the five most impressive student housing options and a little tidbit about what makes each of them so unique. Enjoy and live it up in the City!

Most Impressive Student Housing NYC Options

Most Luxurious

NYCIntern: With complete furnishings, basic kitchenware, and finished roof decks, NYCIntern offers a uniquely lavish student housing experience. Nevertheless, the location of the housing is not in the “heart of Manhattan,” as it is located in the Financial District and Brooklyn Heights.

Student housing NYC

Financial District

Student housing NYC

  • Quad One-Bedroom: $4,000 for entire summer
  • Quad Studio: $4,000 for entire summer

Brooklyn Heights

Student housing NYC

  • Double Studio: $3,800 for entire summer
  • Single Studio: $5,000 for entire summer

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Best Location

Educational Housing Services: With the purpose of “providing students with comfortable and secure residences and a comprehensive Student Life Program so students and interns can get down to work while enjoying NYC,” these student housing options are less luxurious than NYCIntern’s. Nevertheless, they are in a diverse range of highly-desirable locations, including the Upper East Side, Midtown West, Midtown East, Brooklyn Heights, and the Financial District.

Student housing NYC

Upper East Side (1760 Third Avenue)

  • The costs vary from $6,150 (single) to $4,100 (triple) for entire summer.

New Yorker (Midtown West)

  • The costs vary from $6,300 (large single) to $3,800 (lofted triple) for entire summer.

Marymount (Midtown East)

  • The costs range from $6,800 (single) to $4,350 (double) for entire summer.

Brooklyn Heights (St. George Towers)

  • The costs vary from $5,950 (single) to $3,550 (lofted triple) for entire summer.

Financial District (55 John Street)

  • The costs vary from $4,100 (double) to $3,250 (lofted triple) for entire summer.

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Most Enriching

92nd Street Y: 92Y is “a world-class cultural and community center where people all over the world connect through culture, arts, entertainment, and conversation;” it also happens to offer student housing. As a student living at 92Y, you will have access to 92Y’s vast range of concerts, classes, lectures (Woody Allen and Bill Gates have both lectured here!), and more. Additionally, you will be living three blocks from Central Park, Museum Mile, and many other treasures of NYC!

Student housing NYC

92Y (1395 Lexington Ave.)

Student housing NYC

  • Small Double Room: $1,450 per month
  • Double Room: $1,650 per month
  • Single Room: $1,900 per month
  • Large Single Room: $2,000 per month

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Just for Women

The Webster Apartments: The Web is “a benevolent institution whose mission is to provide safe, affordable, temporary residences for working women of modest means.” With a highly-desirable location on 34th street, minutes away from Penn Station, this student housing is for women aged 18 or older who work at least 30 hours per week in either a full-time of intern position.

Student housing NYC

The Web

  • Single: $360 per week

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Most traditional experience

New York University: NYU is a reputable university based in Manhattan (located from Midtown to Greenwich Village) that offers summer housing to both affiliated and non-affiliated students who will be working or taking classes in the City. These residences are incredibly coveted due to the proximity to SoHo, Washington Square Park, TriBeCa, St. Marks, etc., yet they are not lavish or luxurious and just feature the basics of college living.

Traditional Hall (Hall bathroom, no kitchen, meal-plan required)

  • Double/triple, non-air conditioned: $195 per week
  • Single, non-air conditioned: $265 per week
  • Double/triple, air-conditioned: $310 per week
  • Single, air-conditioned: $380 per week
    • 8 meals + 30 dining dollars weekly: $140 per week
    • 10 meals + 30 dining dollars weekly: $160 per week
    • 12 meals + 30 dining dollars weekly: $176 per week

Apartment-style Hall (Apartment bathroom, kitchen, no meal-plan)

  • Double/triple, air conditioned: $334 per week
  • Single, air conditioned: $422 per week

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