Trustworthy, Easy to Use NYC Apartment Rental App

Everyone has advice when it comes to apartment hunting in New York City and the best NYC apartment rental app. But take it from someone new to apartment hunting that has recently been through the process- there’s an apartment out there for you, you just need the tools to find it. I was looking for a user-friendly website/app […]

Nextdoor: The Social Network for Neighborhoods

Nextdoor Neighborhood

By G+ Author: Morgan Glick. Nextdoor is the social network for neighbourhoods, available on both iOS and Android. Nextdoor has been building neighborhoods since 2011 and currently has over 18,000 neighborhoods, with around 75 being added each day. While it has a similar aesthetic to Facebook, it’s purpose is quite different. It’s purpose isn’t to […]

Nestio: The All-Rounder Apartment Hunting App

By G+ Author: Victoria Grenden. We all know how frustrating apartment hunting can be. From viewings to land lords to mounds of paperwork it can be hard for both renters and landlords alike to keep track of everything. Well, we may have found a solution! Nestio combines a web and mobile system to organize all […]

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