The Best NYC Moving Companies

NYC moving companies

In New York City, any business can be trendy… and that even goes for moving trucks. NYC moving companies have made the most stressful activity somewhat bearable with friendly, productive and organized employees. Whether moving to New York City or just within it, hiring professionals can ensure that your items get to their destination safely. […]

Finding a No Fee NYC Apartment

New York City apartments are already expensive, even before considering the broker’s fee. In rising neighborhoods, like Astoria, a typical fee is one month’s rent. But in Manhattan neighborhoods, fees can range from 12-15% of the year’s rent. Here are three ways to avoid paying a broker’s fee in your NYC apartment search.   1. Travel […]

Infographic: How to Prevent Bed Bugs

Living in New York City offers wonderful attractions, restaurants, entertainment and business. But it’s important to discuss the occasional downsides to city life: like bed bugs. The “hitch-hikers” find a way into apartments by traveling on clothes and used furniture, which could then turn into a full infestation. It can be an inconvenient, disturbing and expensive endeavor. Treating […]

NYC Real Estate Investment Tips

Even though the real estate industry has suffered somewhat from the unstable financial conditions around the world during the last few years, New York State is still one of the most desired destinations around the US and the world. For many of the people who managed to protect their money during the drop in economical […]

Investment Wise While Buying Property- know How

Investment Wise While Buying Property- know How

Are you going to investment a lofty amount behind buying a property of your own? Do you want to make it a good deal? You must know the basic things about conveyancing, then. What is conveyancing? The conveyancing denotes a legal process which involves transferring the title of a piece of property while it is […]

Tips for Canadians Investing in NYC Real Estate


Is now a good time for Canadians to invest in New York City real estate? The economy is still fluctuating, the US mortgage market has experienced a major breakdown that still continues for many US residents, and areas such as California, Florida, Nevada and Arizona have been hit especially hard. But you can take encouragement […]

Top 5 Factors to Consider before Buying Real Estate Properties


These days, everyone is on the run to get their hands on the best real estate properties in town. Real estate has recently become one of the largest sectors of the economy. Not only does it allow people to gain ultimate home ownership but is also a great way to make money in the long […]

Is the real estate and the mortgage market proper for the investors?


Via a Guest Blogger. It was in 2008 that the financial markets went on a downturn, and so the real estate market too lost majority of the consumers and the investors. Throughout the year 2009, the US real estate market lost $489 billion and in 2008 too, the amount was shockingly high. In 2008, the […]

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