Trinity Church to build new luxury apartment towers

Trinity church manages 215 acres of the downtown area and it’s now looking to expand, with the land estimated worth being around $2 billion, the project is set to build new residential properties. Trinity Church is currently involved in the project of rezoning the Hudson Square, which is converting 5.5 million square feet of office […]

Nestio: The All-Rounder Apartment Hunting App

By G+ Author: Victoria Grenden. We all know how frustrating apartment hunting can be. From viewings to land lords to mounds of paperwork it can be hard for both renters and landlords alike to keep track of everything. Well, we may have found a solution! Nestio combines a web and mobile system to organize all […]

Finding an NYC Apartment in a Hurry

By G+ Author: Victoria Grenden. Finding an apartment in New York City that fits your budget, doesn’t make you feel claustrophobic and is rodent free can be a very daunting task…especially when you have a short time to do it. I recently had 2 weeks to find a new apartment. Being new to New York […]

Real Estate marketing: Outside the box with Ice Cream

By G+ Author: Morgan Glick. Bank of America and ice cream truck frontrunner Mister Softee were trying to cool down the agent community while letting them know that Bank of America is back in the market in a big way.  Thinking outside the box, like marketing with an ice cream truck, is the way that Bank […]

First-Time Buyers Flood Market During 2nd Q


Spring is traditionally the time when real-estate inventory loosens up a little bit as sellers wake from their winter slumber and put their apartments up for sale, says appraiser Jonathan Miller. But considering how “insane” and unexpectedly robust the first quarter of this year was, it should come as no surprise that the second quarter looks similarly […]

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