Best Coworking Spaces NYC for Startups and Freelancers

NYC coworking spaces- WeWork

So, you have quit your current soul-sucking job and are thinking of entering the difficult and complicated environment of start-ups. You probably are now prepared, have already laid out the ideas and even found few partners for the work. But somehow, you need some place to spend time for your operation. Working at the comfort […]

Best NYC Neighborhoods for Young Professionals

For many recent college graduates and young professionals, moving to New York City to begin a career can be an exciting but stressful time. With entry-level salaries, student loans, and little knowledge about the area, recent grads may struggle with finding the perfect neighborhood for their interests and budget. However, many college grads have flocked […]

Buying Used Furniture in NYC

When moving to New York City, there’s a lot to budget. Typically people pay a broker’s fee (unless you’re strategic or lucky), a security deposit, and first month’s rent upfront. And before the bills start piling up, there are other first week essentials- like furniture. If you’re considering buying used furniture in NYC, your options aren’t […]

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