10 Reasons to Consider Moving to Astoria, Queens

Manhattan is pushing more people out of the island with its high costs and small spaces. Now, areas and Brooklyn and Queens are becoming more bustling. One of the best alternatives to Manhattan is Astoria, Queens. Parallel to the Upper East Side, this Queens neighborhood has robust diversity, spacious apartments, and worthy activities. Here are […]

For Landlords: 5 Rental Property Tax Deductions in NYC

rental property tax deductions

Thousands of landlords in New York City pay more taxes than they have to – simply by failing to know the real estate tax deductions. If you think you’re one of them, we want to make sure that you’re getting a maximum return on your real-estate investment; therefore, we have compiled a thorough list of rental […]

The Best Dog for Your NYC Apartment

Are you a big fan of dogs? If yes, perhaps you can’t live a life without them. On the other hand, what if you need to move to a New York City apartment for school or work? Knowing the best dog breeds for apartments is important before you get a dog for your apartment. Living […]

Finding a No Fee NYC Apartment

New York City apartments are already expensive, even before considering the broker’s fee. In rising neighborhoods, like Astoria, a typical fee is one month’s rent. But in Manhattan neighborhoods, fees can range from 12-15% of the year’s rent. Here are three ways to avoid paying a broker’s fee in your NYC apartment search.   1. Travel […]

Infographic: How to Prevent Bed Bugs

Living in New York City offers wonderful attractions, restaurants, entertainment and business. But it’s important to discuss the occasional downsides to city life: like bed bugs. The “hitch-hikers” find a way into apartments by traveling on clothes and used furniture, which could then turn into a full infestation. It can be an inconvenient, disturbing and expensive endeavor. Treating […]

Trustworthy, Easy to Use NYC Apartment Rental App

Everyone has advice when it comes to apartment hunting in New York City and the best NYC apartment rental app. But take it from someone new to apartment hunting that has recently been through the process- there’s an apartment out there for you, you just need the tools to find it. I was looking for a user-friendly website/app […]

RentHackr: Hacking a better way to find apartments!

Most of the time, apartment hunting is like getting your teeth pulled – extremely unenjoyable. It’s tough finding the right location, price, and amenitites – not to mention dealing with brokers or landlords that are less than favorable at times. It’s completely hit and miss. Not everyone just goes to a real estate company and […]

Finding an NYC Apartment in a Hurry

By G+ Author: Victoria Grenden. Finding an apartment in New York City that fits your budget, doesn’t make you feel claustrophobic and is rodent free can be a very daunting task…especially when you have a short time to do it. I recently had 2 weeks to find a new apartment. Being new to New York […]

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