New York City, Meet Silverback Development

Silverback Development will change the skyline of Manhattan, transforming properties into profitable assets. The new real estate developer is built from an experienced team, led by Managing Principal Josh Schuster, and is currently working on 2 million SF of deals nationwide.    Schuster has a proven history of introducing high profile projects to the market. His involvement […]

Infographic: How to Prevent Bed Bugs

Living in New York City offers wonderful attractions, restaurants, entertainment and business. But it’s important to discuss the occasional downsides to city life: like bed bugs. The “hitch-hikers” find a way into apartments by traveling on clothes and used furniture, which could then turn into a full infestation. It can be an inconvenient, disturbing and expensive endeavor. Treating […]

The $95 million views from the Tallest Residential building in NYC

The new 432 Park Avenue is the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere. Standing at 1,396 feet tall, it’s one of the new apartment buildings becoming part of New York’s skyline. This building is 84 stories high making it the second tallest building in New York City, and the third tallest in the United […]

Trinity Church to build new luxury apartment towers

Trinity church manages 215 acres of the downtown area and it’s now looking to expand, with the land estimated worth being around $2 billion, the project is set to build new residential properties. Trinity Church is currently involved in the project of rezoning the Hudson Square, which is converting 5.5 million square feet of office […]

New York Landlord Starting Tips

There are great opportunities to be had in the real estate rental business, however working as a landlord requires you to be prepared for a number of scenarios you may not expect. For the most part you will need to know a lot of things beforehand, which brings us to the first of our tips […]

Notorious NYC Property Management: Douglas Elliman Property Management

NY Real Estate Buzz wants to talk about that aspect of NYC Real Estate that just irks the crowd: Notorious NYC Property Management Companies! – you know what we are talking about. Those awful experiences with a real estate company during your grueling search for an apartment. Those experiences where all you want is a roof over […]

NYC Real Estate Investment Tips

Even though the real estate industry has suffered somewhat from the unstable financial conditions around the world during the last few years, New York State is still one of the most desired destinations around the US and the world. For many of the people who managed to protect their money during the drop in economical […]

New York Home-Buying Tips and Guidelines

Although properties in New York City can be pretty expensive, there are still ways for a decent amount of people to invest in them and to have their own home. In many cases homes the prices on the market can be devastating, up to and more than $500,000 at times. The more time passes, the […]

Environmentally Friendly Buildings NYC: Crosby Street Hotel

Each week, NY Real Estate Buzz features an unique, environmentally friendly building in NYC. This week, we will be featuring  Crosby Street Hotel. Located in the vibrant neighborhood of SoHo, the Crosby Street Hotel achieved Gold LEED Status in 2011 for New Construction (v2.2), making it one of the very first New York hotels to […]

The Smallest, Saddest Apartment in NYC

simone weichselbaumn halem micro apartment

About six weeks ago I wrote about the horror of trying to find a New York City apartment, and discovering the multitude of tiny apartments. Thankfully I never came across one quite this bad… it’s smaller than a prison cell. Seriously. Located at 1F and 2F 14 Convent Avenue, between 127th and 128th streets in […]

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