Propellr Launches real estate crowdfunding game

Are you an investor who is looking for projects to fund? Crowdfunding is one option you would want to consider because its popularity continues to increase with each passing day. In case you don’t know, crowdfunding is when a group of investors decides to pull their money in order to finance a project. The project […]

Tips for Canadians Investing in NYC Real Estate


Is now a good time for Canadians to invest in New York City real estate? The economy is still fluctuating, the US mortgage market has experienced a major breakdown that still continues for many US residents, and areas such as California, Florida, Nevada and Arizona have been hit especially hard. But you can take encouragement […]

Is the real estate and the mortgage market proper for the investors?


Via a Guest Blogger. It was in 2008 that the financial markets went on a downturn, and so the real estate market too lost majority of the consumers and the investors. Throughout the year 2009, the US real estate market lost $489 billion and in 2008 too, the amount was shockingly high. In 2008, the […]

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