Finding a No Fee NYC Apartment

New York City apartments are already expensive, even before considering the broker’s fee. In rising neighborhoods, like Astoria, a typical fee is one month’s rent. But in Manhattan neighborhoods, fees can range from 12-15% of the year’s rent. Here are three ways to avoid paying a broker’s fee in your NYC apartment search.   1. Travel […]

Trustworthy, Easy to Use NYC Apartment Rental App

Everyone has advice when it comes to apartment hunting in New York City and the best NYC apartment rental app. But take it from someone new to apartment hunting that has recently been through the process- there’s an apartment out there for you, you just need the tools to find it. I was looking for a user-friendly website/app […]

Buying a property vs Renting a property

If you are deciding whether you are to rent on a property or to really purchase it, you should come to think of some important factors first. The things you want in the property or the amount you have in your bank account are just some of these factors. With years of experience in this […]

New York Home-Buying Tips and Guidelines

Although properties in New York City can be pretty expensive, there are still ways for a decent amount of people to invest in them and to have their own home. In many cases homes the prices on the market can be devastating, up to and more than $500,000 at times. The more time passes, the […]

The Smallest, Saddest Apartment in NYC

simone weichselbaumn halem micro apartment

About six weeks ago I wrote about the horror of trying to find a New York City apartment, and discovering the multitude of tiny apartments. Thankfully I never came across one quite this bad… it’s smaller than a prison cell. Seriously. Located at 1F and 2F 14 Convent Avenue, between 127th and 128th streets in […]

Nestio: The All-Rounder Apartment Hunting App

By G+ Author: Victoria Grenden. We all know how frustrating apartment hunting can be. From viewings to land lords to mounds of paperwork it can be hard for both renters and landlords alike to keep track of everything. Well, we may have found a solution! Nestio combines a web and mobile system to organize all […]

Useful Advice On How To Find a True No Fee Apartment


No-fee apartments in Manhattan are practically unicorns—highly sought-after and often the stuff of legend—which may explain why our post on the 8 best websites to find no-fee apartments in NYC is consistently one of our most popular. With high rental season upon us, BrickUnderground surveyed some New Yorker City renters to find out how they hunted down […]

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