Importance of Home Improvements before Selling Your Home

mportance of Home Improvements before Selling Your Home

There is no denying that home improvement projects can be rather costly. However, the benefits outweigh the cost, especially if you are planning to sell your home. If you are a property owner, it is always good to think of refurbishing or upgrading your home before you sell it. Even though you will have to […]

Nestio: The All-Rounder Apartment Hunting App

By G+ Author: Victoria Grenden. We all know how frustrating apartment hunting can be. From viewings to land lords to mounds of paperwork it can be hard for both renters and landlords alike to keep track of everything. Well, we may have found a solution! Nestio combines a web and mobile system to organize all […]

Palisades House Sells for $1.45 Million

Palisades House

  Twenty-eight years ago, Frank Platt wanted a home where he and his wife, Judy, could live and where they could entertain family and friends in their retirement. So he approached his cousin, architect Charles Platt, to design the home. The request was more than a family favor. There was some history to it. About […]

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