56 Leonard Street in TriBeCa

Thе ѕtunnіng, 60-ѕtоrу rеѕіdеntіаl condominium tower planned fоr 56 Leonard Strееt іn TrіBеCа has bееn designed bу Hеrzоg & dе Mеurоn, the architects of the “Bіrd’ѕ Nеѕt” ѕtаdіum іn Beijing and 40 Bond Strееt іn NоHо. It іѕ a рrоjесt that wаѕ co-developed bу Hines and Alеxісо, whісh іѕ hеаdеd bу Ivаn Senbahar аnd Sіmоn […]

Environmentally Friendly Building NYC: Tribeca Green

tribeca green entrance

Each week, NY Real Estate Buzz features an unique, environmentally friendly building in NYC. This week, we will be featuring  Tribeca Green. Located at 325 North End Avenue, Battery Park City Tribeca Green is one of the greenest rental listings in Manhattan, earning a Gold LEED Certification in 2006 with 39 points. Designed by architect […]

Checking Up On Tribeca’s Newest Developments


[56 Leonard Street, as of July 2013. All photos via Tribeca Citizen.] Sometimes you’ve gotta peer through some cracks in that ubiquitous blue plywood to find out what’s really going on, and the Tribeca Citizen did just that, making a heroic effort to chronicle 13 ongoing construction projects in the area. They range from buzzy big shots like 56 Leonard to slightly less mighty—but still […]

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