Tribeca Tower 56 Leonard Designed by Herzog & DE Meuron

Tribeca Tower 56 Leonard Designed by Herzog & De Meuron

Herzog & De Meuron has created a fashionable tower in Tribeca, New York. The building is called 56 Leonard and is a vertical glass expression of carved exteriors, sparkling glass and cantilevers.

The building also encompasses 145 spatially creative and innovative homes that are placed upon one another to create a marvelously tumbling 60-storey. This is indeed an architectural marvel that joins some of the most remarkable global landmarks.

56 Leonard Tower in TriBeCa designed using modern artistic and architectural designs

The tower brings together artist and architectural designs that have integrated to make it seamlessly connected with works done by sculptor Anish Kapoor.

The 56 Leonard entrance is sandwiched on 56 Leonard Street between the vertical garden on the West side and Anish Kapoor sculpture on the East Side

The towering prodigy is located in TriBeCa, at the intersection of Leonard Streets and Church. TriBeCa is famous for its rich culture and history and is home to one of the finest shops and restaurants. This makes the area appealing to both the local and global audiences.

This is what makes the building one of the most coveted architectural designs in the world. With its year-round festivals, internationally acclaimed restaurants and verdant riverside parks, it makes it the focal point of the lower Manhattan area.

In addition to the 145 unique residents, the building contains ten unique penthouses in the skyline. From the penthouses, you can have uninterrupted views of up to 200 feet of continuous window walls as well as the expansive downtown and cross-town areas. It also offers excellent panoramic views of the town, from river to river to bridge to the battery. The kitchen of the penthouse features Herzog & De Meuron custom sculpted range hood and custom designed grand piano-shaped.

The ten penthouses come with added features including spacious closets, workout rooms, wood-burning fireplace and spacious entry galleries.

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