Worst Traffic Cities In The World – Along With NYC

worst traffic cities in the world

Commuting by car is not a novelty in this world, as many people do it out of convenience. Still, there are some cities in which traffic looks like hell is unleashed, especially at peak hours. Living and driving in these cities is a true challenge, because if you miss the right hour for leaving home and you do not take into account the approximate time you will spend in traffic, you will always be late for everything. Let us take a look at the cities that have the worst traffic in the world.

worst traffic cities in the world

Mexico City, Mexico

You definitely do not want to be a driver in Mexico. Heavy traffic in Mexico means queues of cars that extend for miles, so you really need to be patient if you are planning to drive here. The worst part is that there is never really a moment of the day that will allow traffic to be more fluent, only to shorten a little bit of the time spent in traffic all together, because this city is packed with cars. It is simpler to use any other transportation means here other than a car.

Bangkok, Thailand

Asian cities are known for being busy, but Bangkok ranks among the busiest in the world. Buses, cars, taxis, scooters, they all try to squeeze through the traffic so that people will finally reach their destination. For someone that is not accustomed to this type of traffic, it can be disarming to be in the middle of it. If you want to visit Thailand, do have in mind taking the metro.

Istanbul, Turkey

The capital of Turkey is also known for its infernal traffic. A highway is present with the intention of allowing drivers to commute more efficiently, but it only ends being cramped with cars. Traffic jams are a usual occurrence here, making this city a living hell for drivers.

worst traffic cities in the world

Rio de Janeiro

Another capital city and more traffic jams to endure. On the streets of Rio de Janeiro, pure chaos seems to be unleashed as cars almost push each other with their bumpers. It is even worse when you are trying to pass from one lane to another, or find an exit on the highway. The city may be beautiful, but the traffic is incredibly bad.

Moscow, Russia

If you will ever visit Moscow, get ready to see a high number of cars being stuck in traffic in the center of the city. It appears that the high numbers of cars don’t have enough space through traffic, making driving look more like a punishment here, rather than a convenience. And when you get heavy snowfall in the winter, things can get even worse.

New York, USA

In comparison with the rest of the cities, New York has busy traffic, but not the worst. Still, it is true that it ranks as the 5th position as the city with the worst traffic in the United States of America. So, even if you hate getting stuck in traffic in New York, do have in mind that there are other cities out there in the world that have even worse traffic.

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